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Downland 125 High Shear Mixer

Ref. No AA0200042


The Downland GRC 125 Mixer is a two speed, high shear mixer which batch mixes cement slurry for GRC production.
A powerful electric motor driving a directly coupled shaft, and carefully configured mixer blade ensures rapid production of high quality cement slurry.  The 125 kilo (60 litre) capacity of this mixer enables the user to produce slurry using 1:1 mixes based on 4 x 25Kg packs of pre-bagged sand and cement, and the pneumatic lift quickly raises the motor/mixer assembly to facilitate removal of the mixed slurry.
The two speed motor enables the initial mixing to be completed at low speed while the high speed is used to produce a fine smooth slurry.  The actual mixing takes 1-2 minutes and a complete cycle of loading, mixing and removing the mixing tub can be completed in approx. 5 minutes.
To ensure electrical safety the control circuitry is low voltage and for mechanical safety two trip switches are fitted to eliminate the possibility of the mixer operating while unguarded.
The GRC 125 Mixer is normally supplied as a fixed position unit as shown but can also be supplied on a mobile base.


Overall Dimensions:
Max. Operating Height:
Mixer Speed:

Electrical Motor:

Electrical Supply:

Mixer Blade Diameter:
Air Requirement:

60 litres (nominal) 125 kilos (sand/cement/liquid)
112 x 66 x 172 cms (Mobile Model Height, 200 cms)
250 cms (Mobile Model 265 cms)
290 Kgs. (Mobile Model 240 Kgs.)
720/1440 rpm (speed and power may vary with electrical supply and requirements)
1.5 / 6.7 kw (speed and power may vary with electrical supply and requirements)
380/415 volt 3 phase 50 hz (mixers to suit other electrical supplies to special order)
240 mm
3 litres per lift @ 6 BAR (90 psi)

Supplied complete with spare tub and spare mixing blade.

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