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Metalic Jewels

For instructions on the use of Metalic Jewels click HERE

These materials are pigmented, light fast flakes of epoxy coated aluminium, used at a loading of around 10-15% in the gel coat of GRP laminates to provide an attractive decorative finish. Best results are obtained by spray application of the gel coat, and by backing up the gel coat with a laminating resin pigmented in a colour which closely resembles that of the metallic jewels in the gel coat. Since there are very many colours and particle sizes of these materials available, we are maintaining stocks of all colours in the most popular particle size micro 1/2 (0.015” x 0.008').
Metallic jewels are at present extensively used in cars, boats and funfair equipment and are rapidly gaining acceptance in the more mundane moulding applications.
For full application instructions refer to end of catalogue.
We also stock the following colours in a large size (0.015" x 0.015" x 0.000045"). Most other colours can usually be supplied in this larger size at short notice.
The usage rate is approximately 100grms/M2 of moulding surface.


Metalic Jewels Colour Charts

Please note that each computer display is unique and therefore no two monitors will display colour ranges the same. The colour charts below should only be taken as a guide to the range of colours available and not as a true representation of actual colours. It is also not possible to correctly display the metalic qualities of the following samples.