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Diamond Tipped Cutting Tools

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We stock and supply a range of diamond tipped cutting tools which have been proven over 35 years to be the best and most economical tools for cutting glassfibre reinforced mouldings. Our diamond tipped tools are of the highest quality and will give the longest life whilst remaining economically priced. All our diamond tools are produced using natural diamond electroplated onto top quality steel.
The illustrated tools represent our standard range, but we are always prepared to make special types and sizes to a customer's drawing, sketch or specification.
For cutting and machining GRP diamond tools are unbeatable, they have long life and are cool cutting, and usually cutting can be carried out dry.
Should the diamond grit become loaded with resin through cutting material which is not fully cured soaking in resin solvent (acetone) and brushing with a wire brush will restore the cutting surface.


Diamond Tipped Twist Drills

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Diamond Wheels Quick Cut


Diamond Wheels 50-60 Grit


Wheel Arbor


Diamond Burrs 40-50 Grit


Diamond Wheels Spoked 50-60 Grit


Diamond Tipped Holesaws