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Mould Polishes, Burnishing Compounds and Release Agents & Systems

Release Systems

MO 164 Heavy Duty Machine Cleaner
An abrasive cleanser designed to polish out the fine scratches caused by fine wet and dry paper and produce a gloss finish.
Order ref. AAO 16837

MO 364 Machine Glaze and Sealer
A material designed to seal and glaze a mould surface, produces a high gloss.
Order ref. AAO 16839

MO 811 Mould Release Wax
Proven through years of use, worldwide, to produce more releases per application with complete safety. Eliminates the need for additional release agents. MO 811 develops a hard dry durable finish without creating wax build up when used as directed.
Order ref. AAO 16841

M 8711 Paste Wax
M 8711 fulfills all the functions of MO 811 wax when used in a higher temperature environment.
When temperatures of over 45°C are likely to be experienced on the mould surface - for example due to the exotherm during cold press moulding - this wax should be used.
Order ref. AAO 16843

Release Agents

The following release agents (nos. 1-4) are high class products designed specifically for use in the GRP industry.
They may all (except No. 4) be applied by wiping on with a lint free cloth, but the best and most economical results will always be obtained by application with a low output low pressure spray gun.
It is essential to apply No. 4 release agent by spray to obtain the matt finish.
Mould Release Universal Agent No 1 A rapid drying molecular type release agent with excellent release properties. Suitable for polyester or epoxy mouldings even from an irregular surface, and particularly suitable for moulding from plaster as it is waterproof.

Non-flammable Mould Release Agent No. 1 gives a very positive release system, if you have a problem with an unusual material or product it will almost certainly resolve it.
Supplied in 5kg and 25kg cans.
Order ref.
AAO 15250 5kg can
ABO 17250 25kg can

Mould Release Agent No. 2
A concentrated polyvinyl alcohol solution which requires dilution with four times its volume of water. Slow drying, but produces an excellent finish. The mould should be polished with a release wax prior to application of release agent, non-toxic, non-volatile.
Packed in 1kg, 4kg, 175kg cans.
Order ref.
ABO 17251 Clear
ABO 17251 Blue

Mould Release Agent No. 3
A quick drying polyvinyl alcohol solution which forms an almost invisible barrier to ensure easy moulding release. The mould should be polished with a release wax prior to application of release agent.
Available colourless or blue.
Packed in 4kg containers.
Flashpoint 75°F.
Order ref.
ABO 17252 Clear
ABO 17256 Blue

Mould Release Agent No 4 Matt
A quick drying polyvinyl alcohol solution tinted light blue. Must be sprayed to achieve perfect results. The mould should be polished with a release wax prior to application of release agents.
Supplied in 41/£kg containers.
Flashpoint 75°F
N.B. The container should be shaken and inverted
weekly to avoid settlement.
Order ref. AAO 17254

Mould Release Agent Super S
Developed for use with flexible polyurethane moulds such as Formaflex. It is also suitable for polyurethane foam and epoxy mouldings.
Supplied in 16oz (454gm) aerosol cans.
Order ref. AAO 17255

A hard carnauba wax polish with excellent release properties for a good commercial finish. It is the ideal wax to use in conjunction with PVA release agents as it does not cause the "run-off" effect often noticed when PVA is applied to the more sophisticated modern waxes. It is also widely used to fill and mask the joins in split moulds.
Order ref.
AAO 16833 500gm
ABO 16833 4kg


Semi-permanent mould release agent
A unique fast cure, one-step semi-permanent release system, which will effectively seal the pores on both new and re-conditioned tooling in the fabrication of polyester and epoxy base surfaced composite parts. Kantstik Cure Fast provides positive release with accurate surface reproduction.

Kantstik Cure Fast:

   •   Uses the latest "Dry Film Lubrication Technology"
   •   Sealer and release agent are incorporated into one product for one-step             application
   •   No cure time needed between coats
   •   Allows multiple moulding cycles between applications
   •   Withstands high moulding temperature conditions in excess of 700°F,                  without deterioration
   •   Non-transferable
   •   Not affecting post-processing operations

Kantstik Cure Fast is particularly useful when using thermosets such as polyester, epoxy, melamine and phenolic resin composite materials; thermoplastic resins, such as PVC, ABS, nylon, PP, PE and acrylics.

Method of Application
The mould surface should be thoroughly cleaned. Kantstik Mould Cleaner is ideal for this purpose.
Apply Kantstik Cure Fast by wiping the mould surface with a cotton cloth or spraying making sure of complete uniform coverage of no more than a few square feet at a time. Avoid over application.
Wait approximately 15 seconds after applying and while the film is still wet, wipe with a clean dry cotton cloth. Repeat until entire mould surface is covered. Apply three to five coats. No cure time between coats is required. Wait approximately 20 to 40 minutes for final curing before moulding.
Order ref.
AOO 16904 3.6ltr (1 x US gall)

Kantstik Mould Cleaner is a special blend of solvents designed to dissolve and remove most release agents and resin buildup from moulds without dulling the surface. It is ideal for preparing mould surfaces for the application of Kantstik Mould Release Agents.
Order ref.
ABO 16905  5ltr
AOO 16905 18ltr