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Mould Polishes, Burnishing Compounds and Release Agents & Systems

Mould Polishes and Burnishing Compounds

In response to customer demand, Farecla have applied their surface finishing expertise to the development of a range of integrated systems to cater for the specific needs of the marine and industrial sectors.
In their experience, the use of the correct combination of compound and applicator is critical to achieving the best results and these new systems, which are at the leading edge of technological innovation, will perform better than existing products and be quicker to use.
The Marine-Industrial Profile rubbing compounds and applicators are the first in a range of systems to be introduced to meet increasing needs of the marine sector plus wider industrial uses including:
   Wind energy
   Construction - composites, acrylics & other plastics
   Consumer - bathroom and kitchen

Tooling Gelcoat Rectification
The production and maintenance of moulds and plug tooling gelcoats for the marine industry is a key stage in the manufacturing process.
by producing a top quality finish at this stage, post production polishing is kept to a minimum.
The Fareecla profile range of rubbing compounds is designed to be used for the removal of surface defects at the mould production stage, minimising the need to polish the finished form.

Profile 200 Coarse Cut
For the removal of P1000 wet and dry abrasive paper marks
   Designed to achieve maximum cutting action when use with the Farecla          Advanced G Mop Wool Compounding Pad59a
   Removes coarse sanding marks in                       preparation for step 2 polishing                             (Profile 400)
   Depending upon the type of gelcoat used,           coarser grades of abrasive  paper marks            can be removed
   For machine application only
   Supplied in 3.5Kg container


Order ref. A0016000 3.5kg    (Replaces G3, G6 or G7)

Farecla Profile 400 Medium Cut59b
For the removal of P1500 wet and dry abrasive paper marks

   Designed to achieve optimum cut whilst                           minimising swirls
   Permanently removes fine abrasive marks
   Provides a high gloss finish
   Ideal for re-furbishment work
   For machine or hand application
   Supplied in 1 litre container

Order ref. A0016001    1 Itr (Replaces G4)


Farecla Profile 600 Fine Cut
For the removal of P2000 wet and dry abrasive paper marks.

   Farecla Profile 600 Fine Cut
   Farecla advanced G Mop lambswool pad
   Removes fine surface blemishes to leave a high gloss finish
   Cleans and restores colour to the surface
   Particularly suitable for dark coloured gelcoats
   For machine or hand application

Order ref. A0016002    1 Itr (Replaces G10)59c

Farecla Profile Glaze
For the ultimate finish

   Enhances the gloss level of the finished product
   Offers a semi-durable protection against dirt and            water
   Especially suited to dark coloured gelcoats
   For machine application only
   Supplied in 1 litre container

Order ref. A00 16003    1 Itr



This unique, high-gloss paste wax has been specially formulated for use in the reinforced fibreglass product markets as a mould release agent. Compounded with the purest grade carnauba wax, plus special binders and spreading agents. Honey Wax creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for multiple pulls while eliminating build of excess wax.
The exceptional ease of application and buffing drastically reduces man hours needed for complete mould coverage and maximum gloss. This adds up to faster turnover per mould.
Order ref. AAO 16835

Golden Wax is a release wax based on the well proven qualities of Honey Wax Liquid, but with the inclusion of a mould cleaning additive.
It has a special cleaning agent that removes old waxes as it applies a brilliant lustre and high class release properties.
Golden Wax will ensure that you never again suffer from problems with mould wax build up even on moulds with irregular textures that normally encourage wax build-up.
Due to its special cleaning properties Golden Wax should never be used on new moulds which should always be 'run-in' using a wax such as Honey Wax paste.
Order ref. AOO 16834

MO 164 Heavy Duty Machine Cleaner
An abrasive cleanser designed to polish out the fine scratches caused by fine wet and dry paper and produce a gloss finish.
Order ref. AAO 16837

MO 364 Machine Glaze and Sealer
A material designed to seal and glaze a mould surface, produces a high gloss.
Order ref. AAO 16839

MO 811 Mould Release Wax
Proven through years of use, worldwide, to produce more releases per application with complete safety. Eliminates the need for additional release agents. MO 811 develops a hard dry durable finish without creating wax build up when used as directed.
Order ref. AAO 16841

M 8711 Paste Wax
M 8711 fulfills all the functions of MO 811 wax when used in a higher temperature environment.
When temperatures of over 45C are likely to be experienced on the mould surface - for example due to the exotherm during cold press moulding - this wax should be used.
Order ref. AAO 16843

Perspex Cleaner
A paste with an exclusive non-scratching formulation which cleans effectively without harsh abrasives and removes the mass of fine hairline scratches which can accumulate on perspex surfaces. M1708 should be applied on turkish towelling by hand. M1708 is ideal for all perspex products ranging from baths to aeroplane canopies.
Order ref. AOO16899 Plastic Cleaner 8oz M 1708

Perspex Polish
A polish for use after M1708. It will leave a durable polished surface which is scratch resistant. The anti-static ingredients actually repel dust from perspex surfaces. M 1008 is especially ideal when a brilliant gloss finish is desired. It is best applied with turkish towelling by hand.
Order ref.
AOO 16901 Plastic Polish 8oz M 1008
AOO 16902 Plastic Polish 64oz M 1064

M 1008 polish passes USA Military specifications MIL C5547 and MIL C18767B (ASG)