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Downland Crosshead Spray Systems


Either the Triple Head  Spraygun ( as shown in the photo) or the Automatic Concentric Spraygun may be fitted

The Crosshead Spray System is a custom-built unit for the semi-continuous production of flat and shallow profile GRC sheets and panels.  The crosshead (or autospray) process is based on the principle of a spraygun/chopper continuously reciprocating above a mould carried beneath it on a speed controlled conveyor.

The speed of the reciprocation is normally fixed at approx. 60M/min. while the conveyor speed can be varied to enable differing width and thicknesses of panel to be produced.  Due to the controlled speeds of crosshead and conveyor consistent panels can be produced at high production rates within tolerances of plus/minus 0.5mm on 10mm thicknesses.  Based on a nominal spraygun output of 30Kgs slurry per/min panel outputs of up to 80M2  thickness per hour can be achieved although it must be emphasised that the production rates are constrained by factors such as slurry mixing, mould availability and storage space.

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The sketch above indicates a suggested method for the production of flat panels.  Mould storage and de-mould areas are not shown as the quantity and size of mould play a major role in the planning of these particular areas and are best designed to suit local conditions.

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