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Eye & Ear Protection and Care

Airshield Visor

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The Airshield Visor has been designed and manufactured specifically to provide lung and eye protection during resin and paint spraying including applications where isocyanates are used. The Airshield Visor combines the ultimate in safety technology with the highest standards of wearer comfort.
Operating off a standard industrial compressed air supply the lightweight Airshield Visor utilises a belt-mounted air valve to provide a controlled and adjustable air supply.
The belt valve can be coupled direct to a compressed air supply, but for completely odour free air a triple filtration unit should be used which will meet B.S.4275/1974.
The triple filter consists of a free standing frame supporting a centrifugal prefilter, an oil removing coalescing filter and an activated charcoal filter which will remove any unpleasant smells from the air.
The triple filter has a twin instant air connector and is suitable for one or two man operation.

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AOO 15793
  Airshield Visor complete
AOO 15799  Spare Visor
AOO 15797  Spare Visor Covers Pack of 1 0
AOO 15798  Triple Filter

Lightweight Eye Shields Model BS71

Order ref:  AOO 16235


Unrestricted vision with all round impact protection. Light and comfortable to wear

Excluder Goggles

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The frames of these protectors are made from soft PVC and may be worn comfortably over prescription spectacles. Conform to BS 2092

Eyewash Station

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The Health and Safety Regulations Booklet HS(R) 11 states:
"Where tap water is not available, sterile water or sterile normal saline, in disposable containers each holding at least 300ml should be kept easily accessible, and near to the First Aid Box, for eye irrigation.
At least the following quantities should be provided".


Employees         Sterile Eye Wash
1-10                                1 Bottle
11-50                              3 Bottles
51 -100                           6 Bottles

Eye Wash Board-1381

The rigid PVC board of 2.5mm thickness is drilled in each corner for wall-fixing and holds a 500ml bottle of sterile eye wash (sodium chloride 0.9%) in a metal clip.
The board has printed illustrations of the application for eye irrigation.
A spare bottle of eye wash is also included.
Size of board 30cm x 40cm.

Order ref. AOO 16240
Order ref. AOO 16241 Replacement bottles for above

Ear Defenders

Order ref:  AOO 16230

A lightweight general purpose ear defender with foam filled cushioned ear seats, for high noise attenuation and durability.


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