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Drager Multi-Gas Detector

Order ref: AAO 16326


The Drager Detector is a hand-held instrument for measuring the fumes in the atmosphere in working areas.
Under the Health and Safety at Work Act maximum levels of contamination are laid down, and it is the responsibility of the management to ensure that these are not exceeded.
The Drager Detector is the easiest, and most accurate method of measuring fume levels, and consists of a bellows unit which draws a measured quantity of air through the sampling tube, the contents of the tube changing colour according to the degree of contamination.
We stock tubes as shown below with many others to order.

Tubes for above (supplied in packs of 10)
Order ref.
AOO 16169   Drager Test Tubes Acetone
AOO 16170   Drager 10B Styrene Test Tubes
AOO 16320   Drager Test Tubes Formaldehyde
AOO 16321   Drager Test Tubes Toluene 5A
AOO 16322   Drager Test Tubes Methylene Chloride 100A
AOO 16323   Drager Test Tubes Trichloroethene 50A
AOO 16324   Drager Test Tubes N-Hexane 100A
AOO 16325   Drager Test Tubes Methanol 50A
AOO 16172   Drager Test Tubes Methylacrylate
AOO 16328   Drager Test Tubes O-Xylene
AOO 16329   Drager Test Tubes Airflow

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