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Masks and Respirators

Lightweight Standard Dust Masks


A lightweight, hygienic mask designed for protection against nuisance dust and other non-toxic irritants.

Order ref. AOO 16712
Order ref. AOO 16715 Refill (Pack 25)

Particle Masks


Comfortable - stands away from face, lightweight and cool.
High filtration efficiency. Hygienic and disposable. Easy to speak through.

Order ref. AOO 16710

8835 Premium
Dust/Mist/Fume Respirator


The 8835 has been designed to provide effective, hygienic and exceptionally comfortable respiratory protection to FFP3 Solid and Liquid as defined by TM14 Part 9.1 European Standards.
It is suitable for use against many potentially lung damaging dusts, mists and fumes including:

Asbestos and lead dust
Spray mists (excluding paint spray)
Metal fumes

The 8835 is the first maintenance-free respirator available in two face piece sizes.
Supplied in packs of 5.

Order ref. MO 17345

3M™  7500 Series Respirator

The 3M 7500 Fume Respirator is a half mask respirator which combines comfort, reliable protection and durability. It is easy to use and comfortable with a textured face seal.

3M™ Half Facepiece Respirator 7500, Ultimate Reusable

  Valve design helps make breathing easier, and helps reduce heat and moisture buildup in facepiece.
  Advanced silicone material provides a softer feel on the face.
   Unique head harness design adjusts easily and user has the option of wearing the respirator in either traditional or drop-down mode.

The half-mask meets the European Standard EN 140 Gas and vapour filters meet EN 141 and particulate filters meet EN 143.


1 x 7500 Half Mask with 2 x Fume Cartridges
Stock No. AAO17241
1 x Pair Replacement Fume Cartridges
Stock No. AAO17247

3M™  7500 Dust Respirator

The 3M 7500 Dust Respirator is based on the same facepiece as the Fume Respirator with the same degree of comfort but is fitted with particulate filters that meet EN 143.

1 x 7500 Half Mask with 2 x Dust Cartridges
Stock No. AAO17242
1 x Pair Replacement Dust Cartridges
Stock No. AAO17248


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