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MICRO II DISPENSING SYSTEM featuring the Glas-Craft Probler Gun


.....designed for spraying or pouring polyurethane foam for insulation, cavity filling, flotation or structural reinforcement

The Glas-Craft Micro II Dispensing System sprays or pours a maximum of 8 Ibs./min. of polyurethane foam. The Micro II System features the trouble-free, automatic air-purge Probler Gun. The Probler Gun, with a flat spray tip standard, is easy to use and maintain. A 22-foot heated hose assembly, with nylon protective sleeving is also standard on the Micro unit. Two positive displacement pumps are connected to one five-inch air motor to ensure the proper mixing pressure (1,600 psi) and ratio (1:1). The fluid pumps are fed by an easily installed Gravity Feed Kit.

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