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  MXII DISPENSING SYSTEM    featuring the Glas-Craft Probler Gun


The MX II is a versatile system for spraying polyureas and polyurethanes. The 300' low voltage heated hose and low system profile make this a perfect contractor's unit. The MX II can develop a lot of pressure- 3,000 psi- for mixing polyureas and polyurethanes. With the digital temperature control, you will have precise control over the material temperature, giving a better, more consistent mix. The thermocouples give an actual in line temperature reading- no temperature guesswork! Our new heater design features state-of-the-art design. There is not a more advanced heater available anywhere.
The New re-engineered M Series systems are running trouble free for longer, spraying better, and producing more. That's the Glas-Craft difference. Simple, reliable systems designed for today's applications. If you rely on a spray rig to make your bottom line, you can't afford not to look at the M Series.

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