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Safety Dip Cans

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These cans have been designed for use with highly flammable liquids such as acetone, and are ideal for use by individual operators for cleaning brushes and rollers.
Should the contents ignite, the lid will instantly close at 57C putting the fire out, and containing any toxic vapours.
The solvent should never be allowed over the MAX LEVEL line. Made of heavy gauge tin plate, and fitted with carrying handle.
To comply with health and safety inspectorate requirements safety dip cans are supplied complete with a mounting ring which must be screwed to the workbench to obviate any possibility of the can being knocked over.
Available in the following sizes:

Order ref.
AAO 17550 22/7   Dip Tank 4.85 litre    Ht. x dia. 260 x 178
AAO 17551 22/9   Dip Tank 8.00 litre    Ht. x dia. 260 x 240
AAO 17552 23/9   Dip Tank 12.85 litre  Ht. x dia. 370 x 240
AAO 17553 24/11 Dip Tank 14.45 litre  Ht. x dia. 302 x 284

Safety Plunger Cans 41-42

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Designed to dispense measured and controlled amounts of flammable liquid onto a swab or cloth in a one-handed movement leaving the other hand free. By pressing down on the dasher plate, a measured film of fluid is delivered and as the spring loaded plate rises up again any excess fluid drains back into the canister. When in use, the dasher plate itself acts as a flame arrester and when filling, the filler hole is again protected by a flame arrester, both features removing the possibility of ignition and reducing the escape of vapours.

Order Ref.   Model    Dasher size dia      Capacity Litres    Overall size (mm) Ht. x Dia AA017548       41                 160                                2.5                               245x180
AA017549       42                 160                                5.0                               245 x 240

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