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Safety and Warning Signs


A large range of signs in stock for most applications. Approved by Insurance Companies and Factory Inspectors. Made of stove enamelled aluminium.

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AAO 17579 Flammable Liquid Self Adhesive 200x200mm
AAO 17580 No Smoking (Sign) 200 x 200mm
AAO 17582 No Smoking (Words) 300x100mm
AAO 17583 No Smoking (Words) 200 x 600mm
AAO 17584 This is a No Smoking Area 600 x 200mm
AAO 17585 Fire Action 300 x 250mm
AAO 17586 Fire Extinguisher 200 x 150mm
AAO 17587 Fire Hose Keep Clear 200 x 150mm
AAO 17588 Emergency Exit 450 x 200 mm
AAO 17589 Exit 300x100mm
AAO 17590 Fire Door Keep Closed 80 x 80mm
AAO 17591 Organic Peroxide 200 x 200mm
AAO 17592 Beware Fork Lift 400 x 300mm
AAO 17593 Eye Protection Must Be Worn 300 x 100mm
AAO 17594 Safety Helmets 300x100mm
AAO 17595 Eyewash Bottle 300 x 250mm
AAO 17596 First Aid 200x150mm
AAO 17597 First Aid Box 300 x 100mm
AAO 17598 Flammable Liquid Self Adhesive 100 x 100mm
AAO 17599 Organic Peroxide Self Adhesive 100 x 100mm
AAO 17602 Respirator Must Be Worn 300 x 100mm
AAO 17603 Masks Must Be Worn 300x100mm
AAO 17601 Protective Clothing Must Be Worn 300 x 100mm
AAO 17600 Organic Peroxide Self Adhesive 200 x 200mm

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