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Today's price of Acetone is a large part of the overheads in the G.R.R moulding shops and in addition, the disposal of used acetone is becoming more difficult and expensive under the regulations governing toxic liquid waste disposal.
The Downland Solvent Recovery Unit will produce pure acetone from used material leaving a solid residue for disposal.
The unit is completely fail-safe and needs a minimum of operator supervision. A 200 litre drum is placed in the unit and filled with dirty acetone. The container is surrounded by water which is heated to just above the boiling point of acetone, 57C. The acetone vapour is then passed through the water cooled condenser where it reforms into liquid acetone and runs into the clean acetone container, leaving the solids behind in the dirty acetone container ready for disposal.
The rate of recovery will of course depend on the degree of contamination of the acetone to be processed.

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