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Downland SPX40 Pre-Mix Spray Pump

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SPX 40

The Downland SPX40 Premix Pump represents a new generation of pump/spray systems. It is based on a Peristaltic Pump which has a patented direct-coupled design and uses a natural rubber pump hose with an anticipated life of atleast 2000 hours due to running in a lubricant bath.
The pump inlet is connected to the hopper by large-bore pipe work offering an unrestricted flow for premix slurries. It is protected by a hinged steel cover and can be further protected by a clear polythene curtain if necessary. The pump, hopper and all controls are mounted on a sturdy mobile frame and all components are easily accessible for maintenance.
The pump drive is reversible to help clear obstructionsand the pump and outlet hose are easily cleaned by flushing through water and a sponge rubber ball. The gun can be cleaned with a water/air mixture delivered  through the hose from the integral flushing valve.
The SPX40 is primarily a spray system but can be supplied less spraygun with remote switching for mould filling

SPX40 Spec

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