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Vibrating Table

Ref. No AA200453


The Armcon vibrating table is a sturdy, steel table with adjustable frequency vibration that is used to ensure good quality castings.  It reduces air-entrapment and increases density.

The Vibrating table consists of a steel 2M x 1M top mounted on isolator blocks which give a height of 600mm.  It is fitted with an electric, variable speed motor which enables it to handle a large variety of different sizes and shapes of mould with different types of mix.  The vibrating table has a 1300Kg force 3 phase vibrating motor which for increased safety is run from a single phase supply.  The motor has automatic dc braking which allows the direction of the motor rotation to be changed.


Size:                                                 2000mm x 1000mm
Height:                                             600mm
Weight:                                            255Kg
Vibration Frequency:                     Variable 0-6000RPM
Vibration Force:                             1300Kgf
Variable Speed Invertor:               Single phase/three phase

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